I provide accounting services for closely held business for a variety of industries, including preparation of all levels of financial statements.


I prepare various federal ans state personal, fiduciary and business income tax returns, including Corporations (both “C” and “S”), Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Trusts and Estates.

In addition to the preparation of the actual tax returns, tax planning is an important tool in assisting my clients in minimizing their taxes and determining in advance their cash flow needs as early as possible.

In planning the tax effect of certain transactions, my clients will sometime accelerate or postpone a transaction based on certain outcome.  The one thing I stress to my clients is that the transaction should not be based on taxes.  If you save on taxes, is it worth the potential for losing value by waiting or selling early.


As owners and managers of businesses many operational decisions are being made every day.  How many hats can  a business owner wear?  Whether it is financing various aspects of the business, preparing cash flow projections, break-even anakysis, assistance in hiring  as well as assisting with the allocations on sales It is important to obtain help from those who can advise client’s based on education, training, and experience.  It is not unusual to see how businesses in different industries can need industry specific and generic advise.