QuickBooks Service Discontinuation Plan

QuickBooks 2004 – QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

On May 31, 2007, we are discontinuing QuickBooks Assisted Payroll for QuickBooks 2004.

After May 31, 2007, you will not be able to submit your payroll through QuickBooks 2004, so it’s important for you to upgrade promptly. You will get a message explaining that the service is no longer available through QuickBooks. This message will include instructions for upgrading to the most current version of QuickBooks and directions for migrating your existing account to your new QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks 2004 Support

On May 31, 2007, we will discontinue live support* for QuickBooks 2004. In addition, any services included in a QuickBooks support plan will no longer be provided to QB 2004 users as part of their support plan coverage.

If you have to an active, non-renewing support plan (such as a 90-day or 12-month plan) that expires after May 31, 2007, you can receive live support and any services included in your support plan until the plan’s expiration date. But, you will not be able to purchase another support plan without upgrading to a supported version of QuickBooks. If your support plan expires before May 31, 2007 but you want to continue using QuickBooks 2004, you may purchase the QuickBooks Monthly Support Plan until April 30, 2007. Please note that all Monthly Support Plans will be automatically cancelled on May 31, 2007 for customers using QuickBooks 2004. You will need to install and register a supported version of QuickBooks to get access to live support and support plan coverage after that date.

If you are using QuickBooks 2004 and have an active support plan that auto-renews on a monthly or annual basis, your support plan will be canceled automatically on May 31, 2007. To continue receiving live support and any services included in your support plan after this date, you will need to both upgrade to a supported version of QuickBooks (outlined below) and purchase a new support plan.

If you want to receive live support on a per-call (One-Time Support) basis after May 31, 2007, you will need to upgrade to a supported version of QuickBooks as outlined below.

How can I prevent my services from being discontinued?

The only way to ensure that you continue to receive full access to business services is to upgrade to QuickBooks 2007. By upgrading, you’ll receive all the latest product benefits and full access to technical support and business services.

What happens if I don’t upgrade my QuickBooks by May 31, 2007?

If you choose not to upgrade to QuickBooks 2007, your product will continue to work as it does today. However, after May 31, 2007 your Annual Support Plan will no longer be active, and you will no longer have access to live technical support or some business services.
Which services will be discontinued on May 31, 2007?

The chart below shows which products and service will be discontinued.
Products Services Discontinuation Date
QuickBooks 2004 for Windows
Bill Pay
Credit Card Download
Employee Organizer
Merchant Service
Online Banking
Online Billing
Standard Payroll (formerly Do-It-Yourself Payroll)
Enhanced Payroll
Support Plans and Services
May 31, 2007


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